One Summer Day

I had recently gone away on a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland. That’s were I took that picture. It was a nice get away from the world. Just me and my family one with nature. Everyone needs one, with all the stress and commotion we have in our lives we need the time to sit and enjoy what we have.

Never have I realized that until now. That we may think we are doing alright, and then something happens and we can’t handle it. If we just would take the time to enjoy what we have and distress we will be fine.

Find something that when your at your lowest low that will get you back up. It may be a certain song, a video, or even a friend. Something that you can count on when you need it.

Back to my trip. You can picture it with the right words so here it goes. The sea was a dark blue and shiny from the sun hitting it with its luster. The water was chilly because it was in October . The sand was a dark tan filled with dog prints and people’s footprints from there walks. The tide was far out so it seemed like you could walk for miles on the sand with out touching the sea.

Can you picture it?

It’s nice to take pictures to capture the moments that may seem like you will remember, but are nice to remember with the feeling you had when you were there.


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