Productive Life

I have realized that I haven’t done a blog post in a long time. For me that’s not good because I have been trying to have a schedule and be productive. In order for me to be productive I had to change the way I did thing’s and looked at life.

Many people say that “life is two short so make the best out of it”. I believe that in a sense but saying and doing are two different things. Instead of saying and not doing I looked at it in a different light.

       “If I (personally) sit around doing nothing, what have I accomplished in life.”

For people that can mean something else, but for me that is what I have to change.

From now to when ever that’s my goal, to make the best out of everyday. One person had said ” If you are doing something you enjoy, and your not excelling your not going anywhere. Do something else that can grow your success”

”  Sometime’s you have to change to make things better. ”

I have learned that the only reason I may not be happy, or not doing everything I want to do is because I need to make the right changes. If your not understanding what i’m saying let me break it down.

You may be flying through the sky’s because everything is going well, but then while your flying something gets in your way, and you think everything is over.  Here is the point sometimes the things that get in our way we have to remove. It could be a friend, your job, or where you live. Get rid of it! 

If you don’t that could be holding you back on your Productive Life.


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