Writers Block

I have written a book. No this isn’t self promo telling how you can buy it. I’m here to say I haven’t finished it. It has taken me a over a year or two¬†to finish. Nothing new is coming to mind.

I keep reading what I already have, and rewritten certain parts, but no new stuff to go along the story-line.

“I Have Writers Block”

Ugh……. Why????

The worst thing is that months have gone by and I still haven’t finished another chapter. Sometime writers get stuck with the last chapter. I’m stuck right in the middle the good part when everything starts to come together. Horrible I know.

I start to think “How can I write a blog, and not finish a book, or i’ll think that i’m board of it so iv’e stopped writing cause it’s not good.” I end up staring at the pages of my note book or laptop and I go to write but nothing happens. Instead of sounding all gloom and doom of my writer block. Maybe its the best and I need to move on and one day I can pick up where I left off in the middle and start new.




~Image taken off from Google and from The Odyssey Online