The Never-Ending Schedule

One thing I hate doing is SCHEDULING. I don’t know what is about it that every time I know I should schedule something it never gets done. I feel the same way with charts a graphs.

For me in order for this blog to be successful I need to have a schedule of a day and time to post. I wonder “how can youtubers stick to there schedule of uploading everyday at a certain time and still be popular.”

After reading many articles of starting blogs I have come to the decision I have been doing this wrong.

All the articles were staying was “that when starting a blog I should post once every two weeks and grow each month in adding posts”. I have just been posting once a week and its hard for me.

Sometimes I don’t have the time to sit and write. Or i’ll try to write two posts so that I have one ready for the next week. That was working but now i’m sitting at my desk writing this because I forgot to have one ready.

I wanted to upload one post every Monday. Now i’m going to keep researching and come up with a schedule that I can work with, and not eat my brain out because Monday came so fast.

I’m doing this to keep my sanity. I guess I can write this to all the new people blogging. Don’t just rush into something before doing research. I’m now learning this the hard way with blogging, and taking care of fish lol…. Let me explain.

Just like blogging I went into the fish hobby blind and now I have bought so many fish for my tank, because I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t do my research and get all the facts.

I did the same with blogging. I didn’t read articles on how to start a successful blog. I just went into it. Not a good idea. I pledge to try harder from my mistakes not to do them again, and to do things right!

In all that’s been said i’m not going to upload every week, but try to aim for once every two weeks, to keep my sanity.


Photography Blood

In my first blog post at the end I mentioned about having “Photography Blood”. I had said that one day I would write about it and what it means to me. I think I was born with it in my veins to be a photographer. I know it may sound funny but I believe it.

The only people in my family that are photographers are me, my grandfather, and my great-great-great grandfather. Hence I feel that we all have photography blood in our veins.

Growing up I didn’t know what I wanted to be. Some people say that they want to be firefighters or a veterinarian. Me I had no clue…. It wasn’t till I got older that I was figuring it out.

I had different ideas but nothing set. I wanted to start my own business making little box’s for weddings and party’s. Then I wanted to be a barker or a chef. I also wanted to make jewelry. I’m still not sure how photography became a part of me.

I’m glad that I’m pursuing this dream of a photographer because I can capture moments of  peoples lives and mine. All of the great moments that you may not be able to capture again, for a living. You don’t have to be a photographer with the title to be one.

You can be one yourself. You don’t need a fancy to be one either. I don’t, I use my iPhone most of the time to take pictures cause its what I have to work with right now. The meaning of having photography blood reach’s deep inside me I may not have all the words to describe it but its me, its a part of me, and who I am.

                                “Photography Blood- It’s my Life- It’s Who I am”



~Image taken from Goggle by